“Aviation insurance is not a commodity, it is a relationship business.  To consistently get the best results I believe in developing the right chemistry and relationship between client, broker, and underwriter.”  - Jim Gardner


"Jim’s background as an Air Force pilot, Airline pilot, and aircraft owner allows him to see things not just as an insurance broker but also as a colleague. Having a broker of his character and professionalism gives me the peace of mind to know that my broker is on my side, making my interests his interests."

Todd McCutchan
Director of Aviation, VQBGS, Ltd.
President of Fast Aircraft, Inc.


Jim Gardner, President The James A Gardner Company PO Box 680905Marietta, GA 30068 Phone: 678-278-2100Fax: 678-398-7038

Claims Contact Numbers


Company Web Address Claims Number
ACE USA www.aceusa.com 1-800-433-0385
Aerospace Insurance Managers, Inc. www.aerospaceim.com 1-888-880-1289
Allianz Aviation Managers, LLC www.aam.allianz.com 1-800-211-6647
Beacon National Insurance Associates http://www.bizapedia.com/fl/BEACON-NATIONAL-INSURANCE-ASSOCIATES-LLC.html (941) 953-5390
Berkley Aviation, LLC www.berkleyaviation.com (805) 898-7647
Britt-Paulk www.brittpaulk.com see website for regional contact


http://www.aig.com/home_3171_411330.html 1-877-867-3783
Global Aerospace www.global-aero.com see website for regional contact
Global Aerospace – P&B www.pbo-online.com 1-888-228-0001
London Aviation Underwriters, Inc. www.londonaviation.net (206) 285-5401
Phoenix Aviation Managers Inc www.phoenixaviationmgrs.com see website for regional contact
Specialty Aviation Underwriters Inc www.specialtyaviationunderwriters.com (205) 933-2455
Starr Aviation Agency Inc http://www.starrcompanies.com/Insurance (404) 281-2317
United States Aviation Underwriters Inc www.usau.com 1-800-241-0982
U.S. Specialty Insurance Company www.ussic.com 1-866-440-0552
XL Insurance www.xlinsurance.com (212) 915-7000