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Non-Owned Aircraft Hull and Liability

Non-Owned Aircraft Hull and Liability

Are you a Corporation or Charter Broker that aranges for, charters, hires, rents or otherwise uses aircraft that you do not own in whole or in part? 


If the aircraft you are chartering, using, or otherwise arranging for charter is involved in an accident, you could be implicated in the accident as the operator of the aircraft whetehr it is true or not.  While you may be insured under the operator's insurance, there is a high probablilty that the limits of liability could be exhausted to defend and indemnify the charter operator, leaving you without adequate insurance or defense.


Your liability could extend beyond the use of the aircraft.  It could include exposure to airports, helipads and other aviation locations where other insurance may not provide protection for you.


A Non Owned policy for a coroporation belongs to the corporation and is dedicated to indemnify and defend the corporation over and above the insurance provided by the charter operator.  It  should provide Non-Owned Aviation Liability and Aviation Premises Liability together under one policy.


Other extensions built into a policy could include :

•Medical Payments
•Personal Effects Liability
•Personal Injury Liability


Optional Coverage (including but not limited to)

•Fractional Excess Liability
•Production / Entertainment Liability
•Sports Team Coverage
•Care Custody and Control
•Liability for Aircraft Fuel Sold
•Fire Legal Liability
•Liability for Sale of Aircraft


Other Optional Enhancements

•Unlimited Seating
•Employee / Non-Pro Consideration


We can provide  Non Owned Maximum Liability limits to  $100,000,000


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