“Aviation insurance is not a commodity, it is a relationship business.  To consistently get the best results I believe in developing the right chemistry and relationship between client, broker, and underwriter.”  - Jim Gardner


"Jim’s background as an Air Force pilot, Airline pilot, and aircraft owner allows him to see things not just as an insurance broker but also as a colleague. Having a broker of his character and professionalism gives me the peace of mind to know that my broker is on my side, making my interests his interests."

Todd McCutchan
Director of Aviation, VQBGS, Ltd.
President of Fast Aircraft, Inc.


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Flight Schools & Flight Training Facilities

Flight Schools & Flight Training Facilities

Flight Schools

Operating a succesful, quality flight school is not for the timid.  In the best of times it is difficult.  In the current economic climate it may be the most challenging business in the aviation industry.  As one flight school owner said, " You have to be passionate about it, or crazy... or both!"


Yet the future of general aviation depends of the continued development  of quality, professional minded pilots, wanting to fly as a career or just for their own pleasure and business.


Profit margins are usually pretty thin.  And when it comes to insurance, it can be one of your biggest operating expenses.  A quality aviation insurance broker who understands your flight school business can make all the difference in the world.  Your aviation insurance broker should be able to do more for you than just get  insurance quotes.  They should offer a full spectrum of risk management and insurance solutions.  The ultimate goal is to help you become more profitable as well as enhance your insurablility, making you a "preferred risk" for which underwriter's will compete.  


Call Jim Gardner today for a personal consultation.  If you are a new flight school, we would like to help you get started on a solid foundation.  If your are a successful flight school, we would like to help you stay that way.  Ask Jim to advise you on the availablity of a monthly reporting form or insurance by the flight hour which could improve your cash flow management. 


Flight Training Facilities

Initial, recurrent and advanced training, whether simulator or aircraft based, is a vital part of aviation insurance. 


Contact us.  Send us your newsletters.  We want to get to know you and your facility as well as your capabilities and instruction programs.  We are interested in referring our clients, prospects, and friends to quality, affordable training that meets their needs and satisfies the training requirments of the insurance agreement. 


You have insurance and risk management needs as well.  Contact Jim Gardner today.   We can help you  properly insure your business and facility with the most affordable aviation liability and  property insurance available in the marketplace.  If you are training in your client's aircraft, ask us about how Non-Owned Aircraft and Hull Liability insurance can protect you better than hold harmless agreements and being named as an Additional Insured on your client's policy.


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