“Aviation insurance is not a commodity, it is a relationship business.  To consistently get the best results I believe in developing the right chemistry and relationship between client, broker, and underwriter.”  - Jim Gardner


"Jim’s background as an Air Force pilot, Airline pilot, and aircraft owner allows him to see things not just as an insurance broker but also as a colleague. Having a broker of his character and professionalism gives me the peace of mind to know that my broker is on my side, making my interests his interests."

Todd McCutchan
Director of Aviation, VQBGS, Ltd.
President of Fast Aircraft, Inc.


Jim Gardner, President The James A Gardner Company PO Box 680905Marietta, GA 30068 Phone: 678-278-2100Fax: 678-398-7038

Aircraft Fleet & Management

Aircraft Fleet & Management

Whether you are striclty Part 91, Charter, or a combination of both, a fleet managment company has some unique needs as well as opportunities


The need is to properly protect the aircraft manager/operator as well as the aircraft owner/lessor. 


The opportunity is to take advantage of unique features in a fleet/managment policy which provide addtional insurance usuallly found in an aviation general liability policy (such as premises, products and completed operations, hangarkeepers, host liquor liability, etc.) at little or no cost while offering an aircraft insurance price advantage to both the fleet managment company and the aircraft owner/lessor. 


Every aviation operation is unique and we understand your business.  We especially understand how pilot experieince and training can impact the balance between operating cost and operational excellence.


Contact Jim Gardner for a private consultation.  He can provide you with a thorough reveiw of your current aviation insurance and make specific recommendations to tailor your aviation insurance to your specific needs. 


We work for you, earning your trust every day!  We believe in building strong client relationships centered on personal service.  We understand it is not the size of the broker, but the quality of service we provide to our clients that make a difference.


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