“Aviation insurance is not a commodity, it is a relationship business.  To consistently get the best results I believe in developing the right chemistry and relationship between client, broker, and underwriter.”  - Jim Gardner


"Jim’s background as an Air Force pilot, Airline pilot, and aircraft owner allows him to see things not just as an insurance broker but also as a colleague. Having a broker of his character and professionalism gives me the peace of mind to know that my broker is on my side, making my interests his interests."

Todd McCutchan
Director of Aviation, VQBGS, Ltd.
President of Fast Aircraft, Inc.


Jim Gardner, President The James A Gardner Company PO Box 680905Marietta, GA 30068 Phone: 678-278-2100Fax: 678-398-7038

Aviation Experience

Aviation Experience

Jim Gardner has spent 37 years in the aviation business.  He started his aviation insurance career in 2003 after a distinguished 30 year military and commercial aviation career serving as pilot and aviation operational manger.  He is an accomplished commercial pilot who has logged over 14,000 hours in a variety of military, commercial, and general aviation aircraft. His pilot certificate includes both Single and Multi-engine Air Line Transport ratings as well as holding a Flight Engineer certificate.  


Jim is an experienced aviation manager.  While flying worldwide airlift missions as a C141 aircraft commander he also served as both a training and safety officer.  As an Air Operations Officer he planned, coordinated and commanded large-scale airlift operations, creating full scale airport operations at isolated airfields around the world in support of United States military and political objectives.  These operations included aircraft and crew operations, aircraft maintenance, air and ground cargo operations, and passenger service.  Jim has retired as a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force Reserves as well as Captain at US Airways.