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Purchasing aviation insurance should be easy, even enjoyable. At the end of the day, you should be confident that you got the right coverage and terms; at the best possible price; with an insurance carrier who fits your operational style and need; from a broker you know, respect, and trust

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If it is on an airport or touches the aviation industry, we can find the right aviation insurance and risk management solution from the best companies at the best price available in the market."I work for you, earning your trust every day."

The Anatomy of Aviation Insurance

Claims: The Importance of Keeping Records

Consider the following adaptation of an actual  incident several years ago.  The pilot of a turbine helicopter wasn’t paying close enough attention to his fuel...

Getting the Best Results in Any Insurance Market

We are in the midst of a soft market that began in 2006.   Since then, aviation insurance rates have declined to their lowest point in history.  Beginning in the...

Hold Harmless Agreements

The current soft market has provided a windfall for most aircraft and helicopter owners and operators, as well as FBO’s and maintenance providers.  However, the economy...

Getting the Most for Your Insurance Dollar!

When was the last time you sat down with your broker and reviewed your complete aviation insurance package? Do you have all the coverages you should? Are you getting the best value for your insurance dollars?


The James A Gardner Company is uniquely positioned to provide you with the best in aviation insurance and risk management. While we are experienced aviation insurance professionals, all of our brokers are pilots and/or aviation operational managers who understand your aviation business from the ground up.


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